The Permann’s Cider Co. LLC is Houston’s Texas’ First Cidery. We’re a company founded on principles of a love of life, arts, the planet, and of course, cider.

The company believes in promoting a culture of a “Celebration of Life”. It is an ode to humanity, hospitality, laughter, and entertainment.

Made from fresh and delicious Northwestern apples, Permann’s offers a crisp and satisfying experience for any season.  It’s much more than a drink.  This hard apple cider is festive yet casual; a perfect celebration of life and a toast to love and laughter.  It is legendary, unique, and as memorable as the man who helped inspire it.

C.P. Valentine was many things to many people:  Husband, father, son, brother, and friend.  He was the funniest story teller you never met.  He could dance like the wind, if the wind danced.  He’d kick your ass if (but only if) it needed kicking.  He was a music lover, breadwinner, hard drinker, dope rapper, finishing carpenter, computer expert, good son, problem child, tough guy, nice guy, man’s man, ladies’ man.

But those labels are just a thin cover concealing the essence within.  Here’s to the exceptional life of C.P. Valentine and the wonderful flavor he brought into our world.  In return, we hope we’ve brought some into yours.